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Friday, December 11

Kuching! Kuching!

As mentioned by Syuhada, we're leaving to Kuching this June.

It's spur of the moment thing that suddenly was like,"let's book and go for a holiday."

BTW Nizaa, I thought about asking you to come along but you didn't pick up the phone. But that's okay, you can go with your AbgEnsem for your honeymoon.

So...what to see in Kuching?

Honestly, I only imagined the statues.

Image borrowed from Travelpod.

Okay, so I was clueless >.>

Mak first sentence, "Buy me ikan masin!"


So I made some research and found interesting attractions/places.

Dolphins (seriously! dolphins!)

Image from Dolphins of Sarawak


Kuching Waterfront

Image from blog.thestar

Does it the same as KK Waterfront? Looks like it...

Semenggoh Wildlife Center

Image from Travelpod

We can see Orang Utan, again (and I can imagine someone laugh at me,again)

Since Kuching is noted for its beautiful sunsets (some describe as one of the most beautiful in the world) I was hoping to see that as well.

Is there a place like tea plantation, historical values or whatever?

What else to see there?


haida_s_h said...

is that me that u imagine tengah gelak pasal orang utan tu? hehe

Prinzcy Syida said...

unfortunately, not u.

btw, ang gelak ka?

Nikel Khor said...

go visit cave onot?

Prinzcy Syida said...



nizaa said...

oowh..hang call aku sbb tu ka? serius tak perasan..tah hari apa aku tgk ada miskol nama hang baru aku perasan..almaklumlah, HP aku skrg dah ada 2...hehehe...ok nnti aku tanya abgEnsem..kalau dak aku p sorang laa...cewaahhh berangan..

Prinzcy Syida said...

kami tipon tu nk tempah tiket tp dh ang x angkat, kami tempah dua saja. anyway, cepat2 la tny dia sbb harga promosi still rm30 (setakat pagi ni) tp x lama tu...