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Friday, December 18

Syahira's Birthday Celebration

Syahira's birthday was on Dec 15 but I was late on updating. Too busy reading other people's coding :p

BTW, as mentioned, we went to Pizza Hut to celebrate (this is birthday party + party for her UPSR success celebration)

I was looking forward to taste the latest pizza, the one with the crust + cornflakes.

But we were told it's sold out.

Stupid promo.

So I just ordered whatever available and a birthday pizza, which was free.

Grumpy people waiting to eat! :p

After a while, food arrived!

a - Super Supreme, my all time favourite ^.^
b - The birthday pizza. Not really a pizza but taste good.
c - Triple Delight for Awan.
d - Forgot-the-name spaghetti. I think it got Arabia whatever in the name.
e - Meatball bolognese.
f - Chicken soup. I was hoping they serve Mushroom soup. Ah well~~~
g - Pepsi.
h - Garlic bread, I think...
i - The birthday girl.

Total cost of RM60++.


haida_s_h said...

i think the (d) and (e) terbalik. kan?

each time i go to pizza hut, mesti mushroom soup. i really hope it's chicken soup.

Prinzcy Syida said...

x mmg x terblk. the bolognese look paler despite the name. plus, that arabia whatever taste kinda sour. mcm serbuk gulai x masak skit. they even put mushroom in it.

i don't wish for chicken soup so i was kinda disappointed.

Nanuni Kokoritu said...

"each time i go to pizza hut, mesti mushroom soup. i really hope it's chicken soup."

Prinzcy Syida said...

ahaha, terbalik la plak.