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Wednesday, December 30

Start Counting Steps

Still on the 10,000 steps issue, I finally have a Pedometer. Yeah!!!

Before you say anything, it's a cap ayam brand :p

I tried browsing for the ones with good quality but gosh, too pricey! I can purchase other things with that kind of money!

So, when I went to shop for school supply at Tesco recently, I found one at the cost of RM13.90.

It comes with functions like measure step, total distance (in KM), estimated calories burnt and time. Well, the main point is to measure step anyway.

I quickly grabbed it.

When I reached home, I found out one of the button was faulty. Damn. I did try at the customer service counter but that girl was even more clueless than I was. Luckily my cousin went to Tesco today so I asked her to replace it.

So I tried it tonight. It's not really easy since the instruction was quite annoying.

I don't understand! How helpful was that?! What language was that anyway? Well, at least there's pictures.

So start measuring my steps (how long will this last?)


syuhada said...

betul ke penglihatan aku yang manual tu gambarajah semata tanpa description? dan pelbagai bahasa pulak tu?

Prinzcy Syida said...

penglihatanmu itu x salah langsung! gambar semata2!

Nizaa said...

dah la org lidi...haha..tu nak letak kat mana? kat kaki ka? sorry aku agak jakuns!

Prinzcy Syida said...

kt belt, where ever convenient sbb ada clip. pegang pn bleh tp menyusahkan la kut.