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Saturday, December 5

Shophaholic Day Out To Tesco

We hit to Tesco early today. Mak's pretty excited to purchase lots of stuff for Syahira and Awan, or so she said.

After nearly two hours of loitering inside the shopping complex (wow, I can't believe we really took that long O.o) we managed to make some catch.

To be honest, only 1% of it contained the real motive of why we went out today -_-"

Awan was delighted with his Ben 10 schoolbag. His school didn't required a bag actually as all school books were left at school. Still, since he's been so excited once he saw one, we couldn't just ignored.

Mak said she wanted to stop at Nagoya to see whether she could nice textile as curtain for Pizet's new house. I went to Popular but couldn't find a book that I wanted (I was looking for New Moon)

Once she's done, we headed to KFC for lunch.

I wonder why it looked like the straw was in Awan's nose in each pics >.> Mak was complaining about the burger size.

Since I insisted to buy New Moon, I drove to Popular at the town center. It's mega crowded today. Where the hell these people came from? I couldn't pass Pekan Rabu with ease. Not to mention it's hard to find a parking.

I did realized Kuro meter had reached this numbers. Wow~~~

But we managed to park and I did bought New Moon ^.^ Yippie!!! Will review on it later.

And, mak did bought something more at City Plaza. Wow, mak! You're more shopaholic than I am.

I guess it runs in the family. You have to agree with me, Pizet.

Mak mentioned she bought a black Sweet Sticky Corn at Tesco. Since we had no idea on how to cook it, she suggested this:

Review on the taste : I'll stick with ordinary yellow corn. Seriously. But I didn't tell mak this.


cik EPAL said...

jarang pergi tesco :)

haida_s_h said...

bila ang mention baru aku perasan. hehee macam straw tu keluaq dr hidung awan XD

apa yg mak ang compain? burger kecik sangat or besaq sangat? i bet kecik sangat sbb nampak mcm burger colonel je..

nizaa said...

hahaha...anak yg baik..simpan dalam hati oke! btw, aku rindu gila nk p poya2 kat city plaza tau..nanti kalau balik sana, jom kita 3org buat reunion kt city plaza.!

pizet77 said...

mak kata x sedap gak...she tell that haha x leh nak jd shopaholic gaji x masuk lg...dpt kupon best dr tesco..something that i use like pantene n dinamo hehe

Prinzcy Syida said...

cik Epal,

x p selalu pn x apa, cepat pokai!


mmg colonel burger. dia x puas ati sbb kecik.


okay gak.


jgn la bermimpi dpt kupon sebesaq tu.

pizet77 said...

apa plak memang dpt pun kupon pantene ngan dinamo, olay(x guna kot) pastu rejoice(pun x guna)