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Tuesday, December 8

Restore and Restore

My computer kept showing error messages and refused to start properly (made me missed my Barn Buddy timing~~~)

So I spend all morning trying to repair/restore missing softwares and programs using System Restore. I've gone back as far as December 1st. Hopefully my darling will be fine today. I am already tired to reverse the date.

BTW, my phone is dead, again. I put handsfree on it. To be safe, if something important happen and you need to speak to me, just sms. If you call, it will be automatically be answered and you'll speak to a ghost. I'll reply/call you after that.


nizaa said...

uii scary nya hp hang...hahaahah

Prinzcy Syida said...

ya, mmg~~~ (hahaha~~~)

haida_s_h said...

macamana dia jawab sendiri tu?

Prinzcy Syida said...

ntah. sbb handsfree tu kut.