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Wednesday, December 30

Registration Process - School Starting Soon

Despite that this is a school break and I am at the edge of my contract, I've been called twice to work.


Anyway, today was the registration day for Form 2 students. I was called to help. Mak need to take Awan to the speech therapy, the one that she mistook the date before so I left them (with Syahira as well) at the hospital and rushed to school.

So the previous Form 1 strolled in with their parents, guardians, next door aunt or whatever to register for the new term.

Since I had no real post to watch, I just help out a don't-really-need-my-help teacher. It was pretty boring so we talked about Avatar, the movie that he recently watched and urged me to watch it at a TGV in Jitra (I never knew there's a TGV in Jitra O_o)

Before the registration process ended, I decided to bail out as I had some work at the office before leaving. But they forced me to eat first :p

Finally I was able to get the job done and rushed back to the hospital. I still need to take the happy people to shop for school supply after that.

p/s : have you check the school uniform price? Were they always that expensive?


Nizaa said...

sekolah mula, student U pun benda aku paling bengang adalah traffic jam...tak dapek nak nolong..huhu

Prinzcy Syida said...

nk buat mcm mana, suma org kaya, keta pn byk, tu yg jam.

haida_s_h said...

sekarang time xmas dan new year around the corner ni, trafik adalah lengang. nikmatilah sebelum depa start jem balik! iaitu, lepas bukak sekolah ni..

eh, aku pun ni baru tau jitra ada TGV.. haha~

Prinzcy Syida said...

apa kata bila ang cuti yg lebih panjang dr biasa kita p try tgk.