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Sunday, December 20

Girls (and a boy) Day Out

Mak was nagging about not having appropriate shoes for her vacation to Cameron. Syuhada was back in the North of Malaysia and we had make an arrangement to meet weeks before.

So combining both reasons, I decided to meet Syuhada and took mak along. Of course Syuhada took her mak so they can hang together.

We went to City Plaza to shop. There's more than one shop in the shopping complex so it's enough to provide plenty of choices.

Girls and shoes ^.^

Awan addicted to mirrors. I already knew that fact but I never realized he's addicted to all mirrors. And shoes shop do has lots of mirrors.

Finally after went 'till the third floor, we finally managed to find the ones that they like.

It's kinda pathetic that I am on budget 'cos there's one that I really love. Damn.


nizaa said...

waa kasut belang-belang tu comel sangat! sapa punya tu?

Prinzcy Syida said...

of course syahira. mak aku yg satu lg.

haida_s_h said...

bila masa gambar tu ang tangkap? x perasan ponnn...

Prinzcy Syida said...

ada, ms suma bz check kasut n then i refused to show u the camera :p