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Friday, December 25

Diary of Home Alone

Mak finally left for her delayed trip to Cameron with Syahira and Awan. Since I hate bus ride, I refused to tag along and was left home alone. So they left last night.

I thought I wanted to organize a party to celebrate but you guys will be too busy to attend :p

So my day started with shopping at Tesco after having fried fettucine (self invented recipe as I run out of any kind of sauce) for breakfast (forgot to take a picture, too hungry at that moment~~~)

After I returned home, I started rummaging the stuff and make over the table in the kitchen.

Guess the price of this table cloth? Only RM6.90. And no, I don't bought this at Tesco. I stopped at a store in Kuala Nerang.

But I did bought this pot at Tesco for RM6.90.

I planned to grow some Chinese celery (daun sup la) so I don't need to buy them anymore.

Or the seed probably just rot and crashed my dream.

After all things done, I fixed a simple dinner.

Syida's version of Nasi Goreng Kampung (whatever~~~)

Anyway, I was no longer home alone right now as they just returned from the trip (with keychains and a big box full of plants...) I thought Cameron is in Pahang. How did they returned so fast?


pizet77 said...

poyo...depa p sehari ja pun...
btw table cloth tu cntik

Nizaa said...

nasi goreng cantik...macam kat kedai....hehe

Prinzcy Syida said...


like i care :p

btw, table cloth tu dr wah seah.


hehe, dh mkn sorang, hias suka ati.

haida_s_h said...

nampak sedap.. mcm nasi goreng cina je.

pi cameron sehari je? satnya... tak puas hati kalau aku :P

Prinzcy Syida said...

actually she's quite happy biarpun sehari ja so biaq la.