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Wednesday, December 2

@ Break Projects To Fill Up My Time

1 - Spring Cleaning.

Winter, summer, autumn, whatever. I need to clean up a lot of things. BTW, you can book me to clean your house too. Cost per hour = RM1 with triple 0 :p

Yeah, right!

2 - Updating Resume.

It's antique and need to be updated on the info.

3 - Take some freelance project.

So far I only received one T_T

Not good for resume at all.

Keep applying!

4 - More Pacing To Increase Steps?

Bet my kittens would love this. They chased my feet for no reason, what if I walk more around the house? I'll be their giant toy!

5 - Couch Potato

Not exactly fit the term as we don't have a couch. But being one with watching television and is indulging. Good way to waste my time.


What else can I do that involves money free activity?


nizaa said...

uii mahai ni....haha..btw, belajar masak, belajar menjahit...cost free too kalau belajaq ngan mak ang la...hahaha

Prinzcy Syida said...


mmg mahal :p

bab belajar masak tu okay tp jahit tu x berapa sure. mak aku kerja gelak, camana nk mengajar?

pizet77 said...

mahal la cost per hour tu kalau upah bibik satu rumah cuci br rm50 sekali cuci...btw p la make something that earn money...suggestion dunno...hehe tp siyes money is important "saya bukanlah mata duitan tp duit tu penting"

haida_s_h said...

semua org cakap pasal duit.. which remind me, aku belum bayar hutang kat ang lagi.. :P sorry! akan dikira secepat mungkin!

Prinzcy Syida said...


ini bibik special, mesti la mahal >.>
something to earn money include in freelance projects. Unless ang kira p buat part time kat kedai mak dak.


wei, buat apa ang plk yg terasa? that reminds me, aku pn ada byk utang kt org lain O.o

haida_s_h said...

bukan terasa... tapi, teringat...