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Tuesday, December 1

Ben 10 Marathon

Like almost every other boy, Awan definitely fell in love with this cartoon. He can watch it for hours, even for repeat shows which already been shown again and again -_-"

To make my life happier, there's Ben 10 Marathon which aired for around 2 hours and continued with another marathon. I can go to sleep and dream of Ben 10 thanks to this.

Since he didn't know how to use the Info button on the remote control, we took advantage to switch to other channel as soon as the credits start rolling.


haida_s_h said...

musim budak2 minat ben 10 pulak la ni kan... selepas berlalunya zaman pokemon what-so-ever.. kat rumah aku, budak2 tu minat spongebob je. mungkin kakak tu perempuan dan kami tak dak astro, so dia minat spongebob saja.

oh ye, dan movie barbie.

pizet77 said...

suka sgt astro buat ben 10 marathon skang ni

Prinzcy Syida said...


awan pn suka spongebob cuma spongebob x ada spongebob marathon (not yet)


thanks a lot :p

At least sob keja, dia x tgk ben 10 sepanjang masa. masa ang kt rumah dulu pn ang dh kena penangan marathon ni.