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Monday, November 30

Walking! Walking! Not Enough!

Ever since holiday began, I felt like I am not walking enough. Even though I didn't walked 10,000 steps a day but this was lower than 5,000 steps. I don't need a Pedometer to tell me this. Seriously, maybe I need to pace more around the house (like a lunatic to do something like that) Shopping is a good way to reach more than 5,000 but it will take toll on my wallet.

Mak and I talked about becoming a member at the gym. I was serious but she was joking. Of course she never imagined me as a gym member. I hate sweating. But then again, the nearest gym was around 20++ km from my house. Petrol cost + the time to travel back and forth = not really worth it.

I think I need one of this at home:

At least others can use it as well.


nizaa said...

yup..aku pun rasa gak nak beli menatang benda alah tu..kat tesco murah ja compare tu yang branded tu.. leceh ar nk p gym..(alasan..haha)

syuhada said...

ada gym untuk perempuan saja kat kotadam, agak menarik. tapi, mcm sayang duit pulak :P

Prinzcy Syida said...


aku pn rasa nk survey kt tesco. rasanya kt luar pn dlm RM300++.


okla, gym for girls. tp kalau beli benda tu skali ja. x pyh spend duit utk other purposes (like petrol)