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Tuesday, November 24

New Moon

I already watched New Moon (don't ask when or how as you probably know it if you know my method and me :p) BTW, the movie was okay, annoying and funny.

WARNING! SPOILERS ALERT! (heh, like spoilers can really be surprising, most already read the story from the novel and wikipedia)

Anyway, the story continued with Bella's birthday, which she seem to hate. I can't blame her, I also hate fussed over my own birthday (but I don't reject the gifts) After Edward's brother tried to eat her (due to a drop of blood from paper scratch), Edward decided to break up, leaving Bella sort of mentally disabled for months.

Then she started to enjoy doing stupid things, just to see Edward holographically appeared to warn her. This was also when she started hanging out with Jacob Black, the soon to be werewolf and started the love triangle.

Skip some parts (:p) Bella found out about Victoria returned to kill her, Jacob was a werewolf and people can cliff diving for a sport which she tried and mistakenly sawn by Alice as suicide. Edward who thought Bella was dead felt the need to join her, went to Italy to provoke the Volturi, the vampires that kept vampires under control with cruel methods. So now Bella went to Italy with Alice to stop Edward.

Okay end of spoilers (oh, hate me for this :D)

Anyway, why did I said the movie was okay, annoying and funny. Okay due to certain plots, annoying when I don't understand the pain of break up to cause someone to become like that. She woke up and screaming at nights. But I guess I was never in the same situation to feel her pain. So I can't understand why she took months to get up and move on. Funny? I can't stop laughing during the scene when Aro looked into Alice's vision over Edward and Bella's future. Sorry, really can't help it.

I did said I wanted to buy the novel, which I did went to get one yesterday. Guess what? It's sold out. So I got myself Eclipse instead. So I already have book 1& 3, no 2& 4. Who want to give me presents :p?


haida_s_h said...

ya, dah tahu jalan cerita, spoiler, whatever u want to call it. :P yet i still want to watch it either at cinema or just wait until the dvd/vcd release and rent it. sebab twilight aku rent vcd. i think i can guess how u watch it :P

Prinzcy Syida said...

u know me :p

cik zatil said...

hi.. visiting dis blog n de owner.. ;)

waaa...tak sabo nak g wayang neh, twilight mmg meletop!


Prinzcy Syida said...

cik zatil,

oh tq, sila sila dtg lg.

tgk la cpt2, tp skarang maybe payah skit nk dpt tiket. suma nk tgk.