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Thursday, November 6

What happen last couple of days

1 - My Dear Kuro

Since it's back mirror crash and I just figure out the insurance doesn't cover that, it's been wonderful. Since I took the option to go to Perodua, I took a sick leave and left early in the morning. It suprise me more that I have to wait a couple more days before they can get the part for me. How on earth should I go to school then? They sholud tell me this after I make that call. That way I don't have to wait.

After sulking (inside, not mouthing it off) a few seconds in front of the Perodua Advisor guy, he finally make a call to the Spare Part Dept. and they said they got the part for me. Actually, it was someone else part and since I am unhappy, to make me happy they offer it to me first.

2 - My dear PC

After the beep beep beep, it was a blup. Meaning : it turn off.

I tried fixing it but it still the same so I took it to Libra. Guess what? It turn on well after the tech sitch it on. Wow, think about the petrol that Kuro consumed to get there. But even if it's turn on, it took quite a while for the monitor to display. I think I need to visit Libra again for another check up.

3 - My workplace

After the final exam's over and I miss a day to fix Kuro, my finally empty table is empty no more.

I got exam's papers to check, post mortem to make, oral exams' report to be complete and clearance to make.



hsh said...

sepatutnya memang boleh agak spare part kena tunggu kan... even, aku tak fikir yang cermin belakang perlu order dari rawang...

(dulu, KBY punya trottle rosak, spare part order dari rawang.. pun ambil masa 2 hari untuk siap.. aku tanya spare part tu order dari mana? depa jawab, dari rawang... my impression, wahhhhh jauhnya~~~ sampai kena tunggu 2 hari.. hari ke-3 baru aku dapat kereta aku.. rasanya lah..)

dan, komputer ang pandai berlakon..

prinzcy said...

i just got back from the repair shop. obviously, they couldn't figure out why (whether they did check or just touch here and there, i dunno)

right now, i connect my computer directly without the ups (just in case that's the culprit) let see how long before it start acting up again.

prinzcy said...

no, the ups isn't the culprit. i'm so tired. i'll fix it again tomorrow...