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Monday, November 3

My pre-birthday *gift* car's window crash!

It's the back one. I don't exactly understand why but there's a lot of reason for that.

1 - Someone hold grudge on me.

= students nowdays are scary. end of comment.

2 - Stone from grass cutter.

= there's evident the grass had been trimmed. but no one said anything.

3 - I really have no idea 'cos if I do, it's easier to curse instead of guessing.

= i might even set a voodoo doll for this too.

I tried local repair shop and they charge me RM370 including attaching the new window, glue and etc. I tried Perodua, they charge me RM260 for all.

I guess I'll head to Perodua.

p/s 1 : I don't have to lock my car for now...
p/s 2 : I don't even have to turn on the aircond while driving...


HaidatulSyuhada said...

cermin belakang atau, cermin pintu belakang (kiri atau kanan)?

wah... bahaya nyer...

(duit2an terbang meninggalkan dompet syida...)

prinzcy said...

cermin belakang.

it shattered to pieces that a new one is needed.

my wallet already empty, not much changes then...

HaidatulSyuhada said...

insurans tak cover kah?

tapi..... aku tau insurans cover windscreen depan.. kalau belakang?

tapi.... kalau sayangkan insurans, selalunya orang tak guna kalau setakat utk cermin saja...