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Friday, November 14


* An email that I’ve been trying to send for days finally reached recipient’s mailbox. It’s been bounce back because the admin of the mailbox set each message max size is 2048 KB. I need to attach file to it which make it impossible to be in that size. In the end I installed a stupid word to PDF converter (Why do I call it stupid? Because it can be use one time only for free usage. More usage? Buy it! Why did they put it in the free section then?) At least it helps me get the job done, I managed to minimize the file size and finally the email has been send.

* I still can’t type the letter ‘s’(so does the word like ‘w’,'x’ and the number ‘2’ that located above ‘w’) Maybe my hunch is correct, water problem.

I couldn’t find my old keyboard, I guess I have to go shopping for a new one.