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Thursday, October 16


* 1 USD = 3.52675 MYR

I wish I draw my Paypal balance today instead of weeks before!!!

* Never drive wearing slippers (or sandals whatever). I was in the same situation before (except that I didn't wreck my dad's car nor that I hit anything) The point is, I was on my early stage of learning how to drive (using manual :p) and I wear sandals like others. Then my one of my sandal stuck on the clutch and while trying to remove it I nearly lose control. Luckily I wasn't fast enough to hit anything and managed to hit the break (it was 60 km/h) After that I learnt my lesson well. Never again I wear my sandals while I am driving and I even put it on the co-driver side.

* Melamine issues still unsolved here. Apart from White Rabbit Candy that's been confirmed containing melamine, Khong Guan, Khian Guan biscuits has been recalled. When will this issue will be solve?

* I'm trying to install Apache but I couldn't find one that's compatible with my Black XP. This really does suck. I need to figure out the solution fast. I didn't know it would this hard to download. I think I need the cd...

* My speaker still making that beep beep beep sound. But since nothing happens afterward, I think I'll just ignore it.


HaidatulSyuhada said...

what do you mean by sandals? it means a sandal with heels or, a flat one?

my practice since first time i drive, i wear either flat sandal (yang selalu kita beli kat kedai bata tu), or selipar biasa/selipar jepun.

i never wear my heels nor bare foot while i drive.. i not used to only bare foot. and, i takut pakai heels while driving.. takut tapak dia tersangkut antara lantai when we hit the pedal.. my imagination always not nice.. so i just put aside my heels when i drive.. :)

prinzcy said...

no heel, the ones with heels can't be call sandals (accordoring to syida's dictionary -piss!!!)

putting aside isn't enough. there's a case when the slippers that been put aside still stuck and cause trouble. that's why i put it on the co-driver side.

HaidatulSyuhada said...

'i put aside..' means i put it on the co-driver side, too... :)

letak kat tempat driver, walaupun tak kacau, tetap rasa tak selamat...