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Saturday, October 11

Bloom's Taxonomy or Learning Domains

In our meeting today, we have been told to learn about Bloom's Taxonomy. Even I may not be a teacher next year, I consider this as general knowledge -something that I want to know regardless it may become an excess knowledge to my brain :p- It might be a bit confusing since I'm not really good on elaborating it. We need to know the Cognitive domain only but I think I'll read them all since I already started.

Boom's Taxonomy or Taxonomy of Educational Objectives easy to understand as a classification of the different objectives and skills that educators set for students. It was proposed by Benjamin Bloom (that's where the name came from :p) to motive educators to focus on all three "domains" :

1) Affective : growth in feelings or emotional areas (Attitude)
2) Psychomotor : manual or physical skills (Skills)
3) Cognitive: mental skills (Knowledge)

to create a more holistic form of education. It is hierarchical, meaning to reach higher levels is dependent on how much ones mastered the skills and knowledge at the lower levels.

1) Affective

Skills in this domain describe the way people react emotionally (ie: feelings, values, motivations,etc,etc) There are five major levels in Affective domain through the lowest order (Receiving) to the highest (Characterizing).

Receiving is when the student passively pays attention. Honestly if it isn't complete then no learning can occur.

Responding is when the student actively participates in the learning process.

Valuing is when the student can attaches a value to an object or piece of information. For example, he/she show ability to solve problem or can give their own opinion on issue/topic being discussed.

Organizing is when the student can put together different information and ideas into their own his/her own scheme. The student can also compare and relate what has been learned.

Characterizing is when the student exerts the particular value that has been learned into his/her behaviour and becomes a characteristic.

2) Psychomotor

Skills in this domain describe the manual or physical skills. Bloom never created subcategories under this domain but other educators have created their own subcategories. Some educators may include Perception, Guided Response, Mechanism and Adaptation under this domain.

3) Cognitive

Skills in this domain is mainly about mental skills and revolve around the process of being aware, knowing, thinking, learning and judging. There are six levels in the taxonomy and just like Affective domain, it is from the lowest order processes to the highest.

i - Knowledge

The most basic and the lowest, it is a skill to recall data or information .

ii - Comprehension

Demonstrative understanding by translating, interpreting, describing and reconstruct the facts and ideas.

iii - Application

Using the new knowledge to solve problems. Apply required facts, techniques and rules in a different method.

iv - Analysis

Examine and choose information to differentiate between facts and inferences.

v - Synthesis

Put together the informations in a different method to form a whole, with emphasis on creating a new meaning or structure.

vi - Evaluation

Make judgments to present and defend opinions about information or the value or ideas.


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