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Sunday, October 26


* It's 12.28 a.m. and I'm still awake. I got class tomorrow! The reason: I made Caramel Bread Pudding and as a result, I get to much sugar to get to sleep! (I think I even added a few more kilos :p)

* Final exam for secondary school will begin next week. My workload has shifted from teaching to revision and marking. Still I need to clear my desk, I don't want to burden Kuro on my last day of working.

* My contract in ending and my online business is pretty slow these days. I need to figure something fast. Too bad GSTT has been change to TGSK (Tabung Guru Simpanan Kebangsaan) TGSK isn't as secure as GSTT and the ones on waiting list is way longer than people queuing to buy iphone when it first time come out of the box. My point is, don't get your hope too high and better rely on something else.