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Thursday, October 23


* Kedah's being hit with flood!

Well, since I am still blogging that mean my house isn't affected. But Internet kinda slow these days. Does this got anything to do with flood?

* Eat slower and you will become thinner. Really? I never know that. I thought chewing more than 5 minutes makes your bum bigger (I wonder where I read this...)

* Do you watch Gadis Melayu on TV9? What do you think of the show. Basically I don't have a thing to say, not my favourite show anyway. But it seems my mak and Chikin seems to love it. They say the want to know what does it means with 'Gadis Melayu'?


HaidatulSyuhada said...

bukan ke kunyah up to 44 kali, makanan akan lebih mudah dihadamkan?
kalau mudah dihadamkan, tak gemuk lah kan...?
sunah Nabi kan tu??

show tu, 'gadis melayu', ada tengok sikit2 bila 'kekasih ku seru' iklan.. well, i'm quite speechless with the show anyway.. haha sebabnya, kadang macam melampau-lampau pula gayanya. i mean, merisik the candidate??? er...

dan lagi, some of them were so fake..

aku pun tertanya-tanya juga apa kriteria seorang gadis melayu tu... macam membayangkan tak mungkin gadis melayu pakai t-shirt dan seluar. should always wear baju kurung.. hahaha what a thought.

tapi selalunya, semakin banyak kita suka komplen, semakin suka tengok.. sebab mencari sebab nak komplen.. lama-lama get hooked to it pulak... sekurang2nya, akulah macam tu :p

prinzcy said...

really? maybe i should try that...

btw, do you count?

the fake part, yes you're right, i noticed that clearly.

i don't really interested about the show. plus, i already how melayu i am (i am only 3/4 of malay anyway)

from what i see in the show, they seek the one with grace, beautiful and can wear kain batik (???) some need to introduce the spices (maybe cooking skills or she just recite it...) why didn't they test silat ability? a malay girl should be able to do it.

HaidatulSyuhada said...

no, i dont. haha

pernah cuba. rasanya tak sampai 44x, makanan tu dah lenyap..

er, why u 3/4 malay?

i also can wear kain batik... taoi kurang berminat sangat nak pakai... spices? boleh lah sikit-sikit recognize.. tapiii, even if u cant recognize, adakah itu akan membuatkan anda bukan seorang melayu? betul tak...

prinzcy said...

i am 1/4 chinese (i dunno about my dad's part, let assume he's completely malay)

maybe by recognizing spices can convince them that we know how to cook. plus, some spices can be used as remedy and skin care help.

HaidatulSyuhada said...

menurut keterangan bonda aku, sebelah ayah aku ada sedara-mara belah siam sana... tapi dah tak kenal. dan, begitu juga sebelah bonda..

adakah itu bermakna aku pun 3/4 melayu juga?


prinzcy said...

maybe you do, welcome to the club!!!