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Sunday, October 19


* It's raining cats and dogs lately and water level seems to raise higher than usual. It seems like we will be hit by flood sooner or later. Well if you doesn't see me post anything more than days, that mean we already hit by flood (or you watch the news which you probably won't Syuhada :p - no offense)

* Watch colour tv and you will get colour dream. Research shows that watching monocrome tv will make you have monocrome dreams as well, i.e. black and white like Charlie Chaplin shows with voices. Well since my earliest memory of watching tv is the one with colour, I never knew the different.

* I already download Ayat-Ayat Cinta (The Verses of Love) the novel from the Internet. You're right Syuhada, Fahri from the novel is amazing. I am still reading this novel but I think I better find a hardware copy instead (real novel, not digital one) It's better to read this while laying on my bed.


HaidatulSyuhada said...

1- kalau banjir, akan effect internet ke?

2- i also never realize whether my dreams are in colors or monochrome.. hehe

3- betul kan.. baca the hardcopy one sambil guling-guling atas katil lebih nikmat.. :p lagipun the download one sangat indonisi bukan...

i can get it for u, if u want me to.. :)

HaidatulSyuhada said...

btw, i have memoir of geisha softcopy one.. i mean, the book.

if u want, tell me. i'll send to u..

prinzcy said...

sound good.

if i only watch the movie, it's not good enough to catch my attention.

memoir of geisha? why not. i might change my mind about the movie too.

HaidatulSyuhada said...

i have sent the memoir of geisha to u...

and, so confirm, ya, AAC the book, i'll get for u?

prinzcy said...