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Sunday, October 5


* Down with fever...

* Started working today. Apparently, my voice is sexy due to the fever and sore throat. Still, I have to yell to my students to control them. I tried diplomacy and it gotten worst. They only obey to my loud voice.


* I need to service Kuro today but Perodua service center didn't answer my call. Still cuti raya? I can't go tomorrow as I might be busy for SMK Pedu Raya Celebration and Yassin recital ceremony for PMR and SPM students. I'm in charge of monitoring students' buffet. Poor Kuro need service soon.

* How many kuih raya you have left in your cookies jar? Mine almost empty :p (not eaten by visitors but by us)


HaidatulSyuhada said...

eh, berjangkit ke demam-demam itu?

my cookies jar still full, yet going to be empty.. hehe i bring some to ofis for us to kudap-kudapan.. :)

prinzcy said...

i think so. i've become an infected. i'll go to sleep earlier tonight.