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Thursday, September 25

List of products that contain melamine

Since that hot news of milk from China being contaminated with melamine, I've googling the list of products that we, Malaysian should avoid. I can't used the global list as some product were made locally.

Here are some that I found regarding product that being suspected containing melamine:

- Hapi chocolate cookies
- Orion tiramisu cake
- Best crispy candy
- M&M chocolates (this one is too famous)
- Snickers chocolate bar (hey, I love this one!)
- Orion choco pie
- White rabbit candy cream
- Lobster peanut crisps
- Kiki lolly pops
- Take one baby food
- Bon Bon o Milk milk candy
- Golden Monkey candy
- Pure Thick candy
- Want Want candy
- Omiyaki yogurt
- banana and melon flavored milk from Dutch Lady
- Silang potato chips
- two nameless rice crackers (what the heck, at least just write down whatever name on the wraper)

Conclusion to all this, we should avoid milk products (or the ones using milk to make) for now since human are so smart that sometimes even milk can be a deadly item.

EDITED : The Ministry of Health announced seven products free from melamine (those seven aren't even in the previous list) Those products are :

- Chocolate coated wafer (Passion)
- Oreo white chocolate wafer stick (Kraft)
- Mini cornetto chocomint and tiramisu flavoured (Wall's)
- Moo Soft Cookie Sandwich (Wall's)
- Dutch Lady Honey 123 powder milk
- Strawberry flavoured milk (Dutch Lady)
- Frisolac baby formulated milk powder

for more news and the latest list of product release can be found here (.pdf format)


HaidatulSyuhada said...

sebelum ini, oreo pun termasuk dalam list kan.. tapi lepas masuk makmal, dah boleh dah..

add melamin for more protein? what an excuse...

after this, we dont have to buy milk to feed babies anymore. just buy more pinggan mangkuk gelas cawan, then blend those things for milk. more protein right.... why bother to have milk while u can just eat your melamine pinggan mangkuk..

prinzcy said...

dutch lady made press conference regarding this but that doesn't clear my suspicious for it.

i'm not really a fan of melamine wares, it's annoying when it got stain on it.