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Wednesday, September 17


* Why can I comment on your blog Syuhada? Do you turn off the option?

* Pensioner will be receiving early money for this coming raya. Does that meant us, the workers will be receiving ours earlier too? I heard CUEPACS already makes the claim. I totally agree to that, lots to prepare for this raya and none come for free.

* My shopping craze still doesn't cease (it will snow here if it suddendly does!) Gosh, I got tons of bill to pay. I better restrict myself from buying to many stuff at a time.

* Mak seems agitate to go to Kulim tomorrow. Actually we'll be visiting a sick relative and since I am suffering from slightly poor night vision, she plan to stay overnight at pz's house. It's supposed to be a sad trip and I think her joy overcome that. She plan to cook something for tomorrow's berbuka at pz's.

...well, she might literally kill me if she saw this graphic. Then again she doesn't read my blog.


HaidatulSyuhada said...

at least seeing that graphic cheer me up a bit.. :)

yes, i did turn it off. i dont want any comment come for that 'stop' entry.. something happened and i am very fed up with it.. but i cant tell what it was..

actually i want to disable for that post only. but cant find where to set.. blogger help also not much help..

prinzcy said...

i don't think that's possible. besides i never try that, so i might be wrong. anyway, if you don't want unathourized person to read your blog, you can set the permissions in setting. that way your blog will be visible to only chosen readers (i guess so since i never tried that as well) why don't you try that.

HaidatulSyuhada said...

i have saw other people's entry where he only enabled comment for certain post only. if he dont want any comment comes in, he will disable comment only for that post.

that's why i'm trying to do.. tapi tak jadi pun :(

prinzcy said...

really? x jmp plak. hmm...i'll try search the help.