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Tuesday, September 2


* Second day of fasting, no problem so far today :)

* Since our previous washing machine broke down and mak start complaining how tiring to do lots of washing, pz and I bought a new one. It's LG completely auto at the cost of RM680. For me it's pretty cool. Besides, one of the main function is to lessen the work. All we have to do is put the the laundry in, put the soap and softener, set the time and leave it to work on its own. Unfortunately mak don't think so. She started to complain she doesn't know how to use it (she doesn't want to learnt too), it is so slow (the machine does all the work - wash, rinse, spin, of course it took time) and she doesn't really like it (ah, mak! you're so hard to pleased) But since it's new, she's happy to see it as a big decoration in her house!

* I received another interview offer for Clerk at Govt. office (it's Pelbagai Jabatan???) It's on this coming 15th of September 2008. Looks like I have to buy another MC.

* Govt. workers (including us) will received bonus this coming raya. My first bonus! Yippeee! Hopefully not my last. Since I'll be receiving half, it will be RM600++ (that ++ for the cents which I can't remember)

* Gotta go! Gotta prepare materials for tomorrow inspection.


Syuhada said...

wow... congrats.. seems this raya u have extra money to spend on... more baju raya? or, more kuih raya?

prinzcy said...

no, i'm buying a new furniture for my room. the current ones will be remove to the newly weds (it's theirs to begin with) i'll save the balance for future trip and emergency cash.

no more kuih raya, i've 'make' more than enough. i need to control my desire to shop!