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Friday, August 22

The Wedding of Mohd Shazarin & Norashiken - Final part

Finally, the final part of the journey for the two love birds before they become husband and wife.

Tok kadi : I'm reading this so listen will ya?!
Groom : Ok -_-;;

Nah, kidding. Actually the kadi was reading him the rules before let him sign the form (it took hours for that)

Then, he reads the rules to the bride (and that took hours too -_-;;)

Finally the part we've been waiting for hours, the wedding ceremony or we said akad nikah. The first part was a failure (evil snigger ):p) Something to do with slow response after the handshake. But he said it was supposed to be that way or people might said he's impatient. Yeah, right!

The second part is valid. That makes him a husband and I have a sister-in-law.

Finally they have become a husband and wife.

Actually, we should take more pictures on the next day for the festive event to celebrate the marriage. Unfortunately, we run out of batteries and the replacement that Syuhada bought seems unable to supply enough power. So no picture for the next day -_-;;

Before I ended this three parts posts, I wish both bride and groom Happy Marriage!!!


Syuhada said...

'..But he said it was supposed to be that way or people might said he's impatient. Yeah, right!'

impatient = tak sabar... i prefer to say more to gelojoh hihihi... :p

yes, we ran out of batteries.. silly me, forgot to bring the charger for the rechargeable batteries, else we would take a lot of more pictures with soon-to-be-attached with weird captions haha >:p (the evil in me has joined u syida..)

the petronas station where i bought the new batteries did not have better quality batteries like energizer or any brand equals..