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Thursday, August 21

The Wedding of Mohd Shazarin & Norashiken - part 1

A lot of my friends getting married during this school holiday. So does my brother, Shazarin (my big brother of course...) Since we take load of photos, I want to share a few here. Thanks to Syuhada for emailing the pictures to me, it took days to receive them all. A lesson learnt : bring a pendrive next time or get my own camera!

Here's the pics:

The only hantaran that I make completely excluding the box.

The groom already tired of waiting. The ceremony will begin at 10 p.m.

One hour to go and he started to panic.

He just realized he needs to trim the nails.

He just noticed something on his pants...

After the hustle and bustle, he's done.

Since we already ready to go, we took a pic while waiting for the groom to be ready.

The kadi appeared to be lost, he showed up at our house instead of the bride's house.

Finally, we ready to move. be continued in the second part.