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Wednesday, August 27


* I will be participating in tomorrow school celebration in conjunction with 51st of Malaysia's Independent Day celebration. I have to wait at Kuala Nerang to ensure students arrive safely. I don't think I am going to stick around to wait, there's a nasi lemak store up the hill anyway...

* Things are pretty hectic right now, marriage bugs start creeping out...

* I still couldn't find the right suit for pz's wedding. Apparently, the ones that I mentioned before is still under consideration. If only I can find a better one...

* Some said that the new petrol price doesn't effect much. They said the quantity is still the same. I don't know the different, I haven't have a chance to check it yet. Kuro doesn't consume as much petrol as other type of car, one level took days to reduce. Perhaps maybe because I hardly drive around...

* The headmistress said she will evaluate my class next week after the school re-open. I don't know why I bother so much for this issue.

1- I'm not a real teacher.
2- I may not teach anymore next year.
3- I can't apply for KPLI, not enough qualification.

Then I realised, why don't just do this the best regardless what. Think differently, provide different mindset.

I have to prepare material for the evaluation. Some cards, some pictures and something else as well.

* Two days after recent salary, I am left with a couple of hundred ringgit 'till the end of month!