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Saturday, August 23


* Price petrol in Malaysia already reduced RM0.15 and less RM0.08 for diesel. For me, that's a good news! Some would say, it's govt. trick to fish more supporter for Permatang Pauh small election but what do I care?

* Tomorrow is school day for Kedah. Back to school! I still have condo to be flatten there. I think the principal may want to assess my class. She did mention it before but she was busy so she didn't do it yet. I hope she doesn't enter the wrong class or I might be in trouble (define wrong : the one that I can't control and too loud and full of energy)

* Pz is getting married this weekend. Based on my experience, I may face trouble to photograph the moments (no camera, remember?) I'll see what I can do about it. She did mention about me wearing nearly as same outfit as her but I don't think it's a good idea. Why?

1 - Price : RM115++ (without veil...) I can consider that...
2 - Body issue : eventhough I already lose a few more kilos, it still doesn't look good in kebaya (or was it kebarung...) :p

* Make more money! Make more money! How?



Syuhada said...

bersyukur lah kan... sekurang2 nya turun.. kalau turun lagi banyak, lagi bagus.. hehehe :)

what the purpose of wearing the same? with veil as well? to make both of u look same so that the groom might confuse? i'm just guessing the purpose... :p

prinzcy said...

not the same, almost the same. i am the bridesmaid (sort of...)