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Friday, August 22


* Finally, I managed to upload the pictures from my brother's marriage into the Internet. Trust me, it's tiring. Especially Friendster having trouble (bug's creeping...) and some appears to be to big to upload. I picked a few to be upload into this blog under My Bro's Wedding.


Thanks again to Syuhada for sending me emails with the pictures. You've work hard!

* Have you seen the latest merdeka commercial from Petronas. It really has a deep meaning despite the comedy plot. The main characters are Aiman and 'abah' played by Aflin Shauki. Since it's Aflin, I always somehow seen the funny side of the ad :p Anyway, I attached the video here (thanks to
ical84 for uploading the video)

Check it out!

Merdeka Commercial from Petronas.


Syuhada said...

me work hard? u bragging too much :p

yes, i like the ad. even he acts serious, i, too, always see the comedy side of him...

i just love his act, anyway..