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Sunday, August 10


* Today a Milo van come to school and distribute free drink to the students. I still remember when I am one of them. Back then, we need to form a long line and received a tiny cup of milo and some snack each. Then, we ate all of it in a flash and wish the cup were bigger. Well, those were the days! Now, as a teacher, I took a bottle to take my fill! I was supposed to take a small portion like others but I am fasting today and I only have that mineral water bottle on my desk. As the result, I get a bottle full of it! (much to everyone's jealousy n_n)

* Next week the school breaks will begin (yippeeee) but I on't think I can get as much rest as I wish to. Everyone is getting married and I may have to teach extra classes.Plus, the headmistress start making joke about sending us (GSTT) to training. When she jokes, she tends to make it real!

* ..............