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Monday, August 4


* I received a call from KEDA asking whether I rejected the job offer or not. I already post the letter back, it already should been settle. For a moment before I hang up the phone, I can still change my mind. But I think I'll stick to the current job until I'm sick of it or a better offer arrived (or the contract ended of course :p) I have too many bills to settle, unstable job is out for me at this moment (this one is not so stable as well but better than another)

* I'll stay at school again this Thursday for a camping -forget the occasion-


* I already prepared the stuff that I might need/use to Johor (for example: new handbag, new baju kurung, new pair of shoes, etc,etc,etc) Can't say I'm too excited, based on my condition right now, I rarely have time to go shopping.

* I want to buy a digital camera~~~


Syuhada said...

1. u are now a favorite teacher at schools? always chosen to do activities :p

2. everything are new... i can see with all the blink-blink new stuff later on the trip.
er, i still will join u all, rite?
is there any color concept that everyone has to follow, or i can just wear any color i want?
so, pizet will go or not?

3. just go and buy one la...

4. zaila still joining, is it?

prinzcy said...

1. maybe and maybe not. it is easier to hand over the job to unmarried teachers, we don't have babies (big and small) sulking at home.

2. of course new, it's not that grand but i make sure i can wear it to work after that. of course you must go too. zaila should tag along (answer to q4) she didn't say anything about not joining. pz won't join us, she has to go training for two weeks at that time.

3. cannot buy, too many other important things to buy instead.

Syuhada said...

then, who will drive to here?
is it u?

chayo, syida!!!

prinzcy said...

both me and sob since we're the only auto drivers in the car.

did i mention about your car?

Syuhada said...

why my car?