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Wednesday, July 16


* The school was pretty havoc today. Everyone is preparing for tomorrow's ceremony. Since I didn't been given a really important job (I was assign as escort teacher for tomorrow's night camping) I wandered around to seek teachers that need help.

* My house is still in messy state. The construction work still ongoing and everything is a mess. My mom's planning on adding a sink to the kitchen. I guess it'll take more time for things to return to normal.


....need to clean this up....


h.syuhada said...

bakal kakak ipar ang antar msj kat friendster, mintak alamat untuk dia hantar kad kahwin nnt. aku nak kena balas ke? sbb aku akan menyertai rombongan di pihak ang, jadi tak perlu kad/map untuk ke rumah dia... follow belakang keta depan je hehehe :p

prinzcy said...

that's your own card, kena bls la!

Syuhada said...

ye ke? mcm tu ke?