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Tuesday, July 8


* Nice date (I can say the same comment this coming 8th of August...)

* Looks like I'll be going to another camping next week. Oh goodie, I love that! It seems they love to send me as an escort teacher to camping. I need a new pair of sport shoes.

* My driving skill still suck. I take more time and space to overtake any vehicles. Chayo!

* ~~~~


syuhada said...

berusaha, syida!
practice makes perfect.. nobody's perfect :p, but practice sure makes u become better and better..

prinzcy said...

i get your point! tq! -really, i mean it-

syuhada said...

bunyinya macam ang perli aku balik... (kalau ang tak komen macam tu, mungkin aku tak perasan kata ang perli pun...) :p

prinzcy said...

sbb tu aku letak note yg ujung tu...