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Sunday, July 6


* First, an answer to you, Syuhada. Why no update? Well, it's annoying to do that, it was so slow (blogger is...)

* I have given't up on uploading the video. It seems that it is impossible. Hmpp...

* Kuro doesn't use petrol as much as other cars (I think...) So far I spent around RM50 per week for full tank of petrol (from 2-3 bar left) I don't know about other cars though. I am considering to used the magnet for fuel saver but will it affect my car's engine? NGV is out of option unless the install the pump around here. Why bother installing one when the nearest pump is in Penang? I might go to fill the tank and return home with less than it should be.


syuhada said...

from 3 bar left, i need to fill cherry up to rm60 for full tank. if i fill rm50, it will just go until 2 bar before full. kind of annoying because i'm expecting rm50 to be full, just like before fuel price went up.. but, that wont happen of course doesnt matter how annoyed u feel.. :p

yesterday, we went to zaila's sister house. before that, we went to amcorp mall. zaila tried to find pirate cd (arrest zaila, not me.. :p) then, to CC because she wanted to send mail. that was when we bothered u syida... hehe

prinzcy said...

well, it will be full with the old price. can't do anything about it, at least we were using viva.