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Thursday, June 5

Problems With Video Sharing Sites

I can enjoy watching videos online like I used to. I have no problem with Stage 6, I never used it to begin with. Then, Youtube seems to annoyed me. I have trouble viewing them via I.E., so I used Firefox. Still, it take forever to load.

Then, I think it's ok, just use Veoh. Then this message pop up,

"Veoh is no longer available in MALAYSIA."

It something to do with budget and they were blocking countries with low users to their site. As the result, more than 100 countries were blocked. Even Veoh TV got a problem! So we were discriminated for something like this.

I don't really like Metacafe and Megavideo as the videos are limited. I can't find other video sharing sites apart from this.

Looks like Internet no longer borderless. Until I can find a solution for this, I may have to endure not watching my favourite shows for a while.