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Wednesday, June 4

Have A Safe Trip, Syuhada!

Since you'll be going to Hong Kong for a couple of days (and may not be reading this until you get back), I still wish you have a safe trip on your journey. Enjoy it as much as you can and don't forget to bring me back something Hong Kong :p!!!

And as a reminder from my mom (and yours as well), don't forget to be very careful! She constantly nag me to tell you this >.> Be careful of strangers, be careful not carry any stuff for others, be careful not get cheat while shopping (HK full of fake stuff!), be careful while doing everything, I could go on forever. Ok, so I passed you the message.

Enjoy your trip!!!

P/s : The girl in the pic isn't you!


syuhada said...

Thanks a lot for yours and your mom's wish and reminder.. here I am, back to KL yesterday safe and sound.... and, yes of course I get something HK for you... in fact, something Disneyland... :)

Yes HK full of fake stuffs, but if u hunting for cheaper stuffs it wont bother u more or less... but I get one original Esprit shirt for very reasonable price from the Esprit factory outlet. it is considered last season for HK people, but as if I care... :p

so, here I am, at ACI office Kota Damansara back to boring monday morning working.. still tired.


prinzcy said...

really? something disneyland??? *excited*