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Wednesday, June 25


* Payday (Brokeday too T_T)

It's time to pay bills (and now the amount has increased with the arrival of Kuro) Luckily Kuro doesn't need much oil and I hardly go anywhere besides regular drive to school. Still, I need to cover other bills and keep cash for emergency. Chayo!

* English Week nearly ended. I'll post it all including the opening ceremony that we managed to record it.

* Kuro seems to need constant bath. Black tend to show the dirt more than other colours. Too add more fun, it's rainy season here. Everytime I return home, Kuro was like a jungle trekking car (imagine it yourself) Well, can't do anything about it.


syuhada said...

fyi, my cherry dont take bath for quite a long time... bukan kerana malas (iye la tu...) tapi sebab nak berjimat (sangat betul!!).

the interior now is a big mess, especially the floor and carpets. a lot of batu2 kecil and sand.

plus, last 2 weeks, little huda had spilled soy bean and chipsmore on the co-pilot seat T_T
cannot marah, even if i marah, she wont really understand...

from the outside, the car looks like not a girl's owned car because of the dirt.. :p

prinzcy said...

bagi mandi sendiri doesn't cost that much!

interior x bleh nk kata apa, batu n pasir are typical.

syazwan just dropped a chocolate ice cream in Kuro. Yeah, the one on stick. Can't say anything about that too, he will just sulk.

who said a girl's car has to look nice :p

pizet77 said...

gunalah coil...blh perangkap batu2 tu n nampak macam bersih biarpun dlm coil tu kotor sgt2...macam baby..lalalala

syuhada said...

i always see girl's car used to have all sort of soft toys put at the back, or hanging at the window... that's very typical girl's car.

i heard from one tv show about how to prevent car theft, not to decorate your car so girlish, because thief like girl's car. is that true?

prinzcy said...

perhaps b'coz it's easier to steal a girl's car due to the fact that they easily overcome a girl.

oit mak cik, stop promoting and buy me a coil as a gift!

syuhada said...

coil tu, map yg getah tu ke?

prinzcy said...

ya, that one.