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Tuesday, June 17


* I got my Kuro number (yes, it defenitely be a kuro unless I repaint it mocha) It's KCG 5634 (sort of Kucing 5634 :p) Anyway, since I am still busy, I only going to take it by Thursday with pz. I can learn how to properly drive it on my way back. I'll post the pics here after I get it.

* Google send me letter, you read it right, a letter. I think it's not a big deal except that I just know Google used snail mail too. It's a notice of my Adsense and they provide the pin number for it. What the heck, I only has RM10 in it. I can't even make my payout yet.

* We will be launching English week next week. I am in-charge of Crossword puzzle and help others with other stuffs (ie: prize giving ceremony, Spelling Bee contest, etc) If I can find a digital camera, I might post the launching ceremony here.


syuhada said...

pz has digital camera, hasnt she?
u can borrow her so that u can take the event pictures as well as 'kuro' picture. i have put my 'cherry' picture at friendster if u noticed :p...

prinzcy said...

it's not a digital camera, it's her phone camera. i guess borrowing part is a no. i'll ask whether sob has one.

i already saw your cherry. unfortunately, your pics in friendster can not be comment or rated, so i can't say a thing. so, change the setting!

syuhada said...

malas to change...

u can comment here.. :p