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Tuesday, June 3


* Start working today. Well, it still school breaks but I need to mark the examination papers. As the result, I become like this :

What on earth are the writing???

I don't mind the grammar mistakes but I can't even read at all (and I thought I am the one with ugly handwriting...)


* I want my car!!! I did called the agent and asked him to get me the car faster as the school break is almost ending. I need to learn to drive it dammit!

* Not a very good day today, hmppp...


syuhada said...

i used to read my brother's students' examination papers. i know... it just that not me who mark the papers, so it was a laugh reading their answers and seeing their handwriting... mine is not so nice and proper but as long as my teachers/lecturers never complain, i think it is acceptable.. remember how nice mek we's handwriting? small block and all same size.

the car agent sure is very slow one! complain on him.. no mercy!

your picture (the look-so-down cartoon) looks really bad~~~

prinzcy said...

my handwriting is small too but it still readable. i used to envy other people handwriting, now i am really thankful with mine.

oh yeah, he is damn slow! i am so pissed off. i did call him a couple of times. this is so annoying!

that picture is bad, it represent me at this moment.

pizet77 said...

can i say no comment..hmmmm