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Sunday, May 18

Teacher's Day Celebration

Teacher's Day celebration at school. This is my first and perhaps my only Teacher's Day celebration. It was kind of fun actually.

I did mentioned about my kids' performance. Well, they did practice a little and it seems ok. The only thing is, I forgot to tell them the most important detail : never put the microphone near to someone's mouth during singing.

As the result, it was quite a disaster. I felt sorry for them when people start laughing at the different tones. After the performance I went to meet them and it seems that they ddin't even care about it. They seems to enjoy it and more worried whether the performance pleased me enough. Actually I very proud for them to be very brave to sing on the stage.

I did received lots of present today. Most presents come from students in Form One. I only teaches one class and I already received so many, imagine Aini that teaches in four classes. Her table's pilled up with presents that vary size and shape.

Now that the party has ended, it's time to start working again as my table is pilling up with answered exam's papers.


syuhada said...

teacher nurul, tak rasa terharu ke semasa kejadian?

prinzcy said...

kejadian yang mana satu? byk sgt!

syuhada said...

kejadian anak murid buat persembahan dedicated for u la...

prinzcy said...

oh, that! not for me, for the whole school. ada gak rasa terharu for a few second (sblm kejadian yg lagi satu masa persembahan tu jgk)

syuhada said...

apa kejadian lagi satu tu?

apa hadiah yg banyak2 tu? i mean, hadiah apa?

prinzcy said...

ummm...bila ada students yg letak mic kat mulut and things start to get funny.

aku dpt two flowers (the one in a box type), pen holder, two towels and a soap. not to mention one ringgit, no idea what's that for but since it's a gift I happily accept.

syuhada said...

i ringgit boleh beli roti krim gardenia 2 biji... :)

it's the thought that count..

prinzcy said...

yup, it's the thought that count.

my co-worker said that since that one ringgit come with the soap, she might want me to buy a new soap myself when the one that gave me dried out.