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Friday, May 30


* I didn't go to Johor. After all the planning and settling things, all the elders decided to embark the journey themselves leaving us youngsters partying at home.

It's not like I really wanted to go but it is sux after I've make all of the preparation. Hmppp....

I guess we should go somewhere for these two days. I was thinking of Penang but since I am a bit broke, that's not a very good idea. A trip to Puncak Janing will be more penniless but watching over the kids might cost more. More thinking needed.

* To all that keep asking and messaging me, yes, she is going to be my sister-in-law. I told you this answer before you ask.

* Early salary makes me broke earlier.

* Life sux~~~


syuhada said...

i already know that she's going to be your sister-in-law. and, i think so did zaila..

who else messaging u asking that question?

anybody we know?

prinzcy said...

of course it's our friends who know me and her.

syuhada said...

may i know who? :p

and, why u suddenly didnt join the elders go to johor?

prinzcy said...

i.e. : ayin & rini (the rest might ask later as some already bombed me previously)

i can't join them. eventhough i'm 26 yrs old (by year), they still consider me as too young >.>

plus, they said unmarried person cannot go. something about tradiotion or whatever.

syuhada said...

oh ya? there is such tradition? i never know that...

but last time when my mother went to 'pinang' my both sister-in-law, i joined :p

i dont think anything bad happened to me... but if until age 25+++ i'm still not married and that considered bad luck because i joined the ceremony, then, the 'pantang' might be true :p hahaha

if u really really really insist to join, i think u can go as the brides-to-be good friend.. i always see the brides-to-be's room will be full of her good friends... betul tak?

prinzcy said...

nah, i don't think such pantang exist. i am already 25 and never join any pinang- meminang activity, still i am not married as well.

how can i be in the room if i am going there on the groom side?

syuhada said...

i mean, u go with the groom's rombongan. when u arrive there, change your side by going into bride's room instead. haha

prinzcy said...