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Tuesday, May 27


* I'm affected by sick bug, maybe flu or just fever but right now my throat is sore. I think Kelantan doesn't suit me. If not, I won't be affected by the wheater.

* Got class to teach today~~~ I don't want to talk much under this condition but I don't have a choice.

* What happen to my car? My agent is kinda slow. I need to push him a bit I think. I need to practise before school term ended.

* ~~~~


syuhada said...

ya lah... your car process very slow. what happens?

prinzcy said...

dunno. he said the color that i want went out of stock. perodua can be sux too.

syuhada said...

which color? pearl-jade color? then, change to black one, to suite 'kuro' name.

prinzcy said...

maybe i should. i dunno, too dizzy to think today.

syuhada said...

miss prinzcy, u not well today?
caught flu or fever...

poor thing...~~~~~~~~

musim ke sekarang ni? minggu lepas aku balik kampung pun demam selsema jugak. so did my mother and all three budak-budak kecik at home. by the time to take medicine, it was like a war between the parents and the children. the three children all the same, even the baby, payah ubat.. sigh~~~

prinzcy said...

i'm feeling a bit better today, luckily. i was sleeping like a log all day yesterday.

it just a common cold but since my temperature is a bit high, i was a bit dizzy.

another lucky thing, i am the only one that sick in the house. i can't even kiss awan or i am scared it will affected him. hmmm... more rest then i'll be better tomorrow.

syuhada said...

kata ada kelas, kelas tambahan ke?

prinzcy said...

ya, and was yesterday the last class. i can't even remember what i tried to teach yesterday. it a lucky thing that i make the class with a friend, at least she can handle it.