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Monday, May 12


* It appears that we GSTT can't apply for holiday like real teachers. The only leave that we can take is MC. So sux~~~

* BSN is in the cyber world!!! I was suprised (really, a lot!) At first it suprised me that they have a cash deposit machine (it took them forever to install it), now they have a site. It sound silly but to me, BSN is sort of useless bank, no offense. Looks like they have move further with these changes.

* Although I didn't used taxi but this news seems interesting. I read on The Star that all taxis will be change into a new model that will further notice. They claimed that Proton Saga type is not big and comfortable enough (so said by the MBs who doesn't ride taxis) Well, it's not that I didn't like it but what about the fares? Even with the Sagas, it's already expensive even for such a short trip. Yeah, meters can help to solve but for meter there's the RM1.80 jumpstart fares (that's the cost the last time I ride in one) Whatever the choice will be, let just hope it won't burden the people like us.

* What happen to my car agent??? It's really annoying!!!


syuhada said...

- what? no leave? that's really really really sux!!!

- BSN just recently has CDM, thanks to their new CEO (if i'm not mistaken) who came from CIMB (or MBB, either one), bank that has almost every services :p The CDM project handled by my colleagues.

- quote 'meter there's the RM1.80 jumpstart fares ' - actually, it's rm2 now... and many taxis even not set on their meters.. they simply charge based on their own calculations.

- why it takes so long for u to get ur car? i wonder~~~

prinzcy said...

dunno...he just called today to inform me about the loan~~~

pizet77 said...

-i guess that they made lots of change recently...including their uniform, the cdm, n the net seem new...hmmm maybe a new logo soon

-how come you cannot take a leave like normal teacher...satu penindasan i think, maybe i should report that to my boss and see what he can do for you...hehe

syuhada said...

pzet, who is your boss? and how he can help syida? :p

komplen to paklah la... GST also human who need a break.

prinzcy said...

her boss is cuepac secretary, the one who keep complain so we workers can get more raise and rest :p

i don't think pak lah will listen to my whim...