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Sunday, May 11


* My partner for Teacher's on Duty give birth to a baby girl this morning. Congrats to her and a big relief for me. It's not appropriate to say but luckily I don't have to do the job alone last week.

* It seems that I'm addicted with EasyHits this days, especially after I received the first payment yesterday.

* What do you give your mom for Mother's Day. I don't know what should I buy for her. In the end I bank in some money and tell her she can get anything she likes with that (well, if that thing doesn't exceed the amount that I bank in...)

* School exams for my kids will start on Tuesday. I am so busy preparing extra notes and revision questions. Not to mention, I have to mark all the books on my desk (which added more today after lesson ended...)

When I took this image, I managed to lessen it a bit. Chayo!!!

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....luckily this is my own connection...


syuhada said...

i didnt give my mother any gift or present, just gave her a call on saturday's morning and wished to her 'happy mother's day'... :p