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Sunday, May 4


* I have been chosen as Teachers on Duty for this week to replace a teacher on leave. After they told me about the job, the first thing pop into my mind was "What was that?!"

Soon, I discovered that being a teacher on duty is almost the same as a prefect but with bigger authority. So, I have to be at school early and stand guard on the gate for latecomers (students, not teachers and staffs) The same goes when it's time for home. I have to stand guard to make sure everyone, especially the bikers queue early so everyone can hurry up and go home. I have to monitor the cleanliness as well as take care of sick students. That's what I know so far (since I have encountered all of this today)

I have a partner for this but she might be delivering her baby pretty soon. If she does I might have to do the job alone. That can be really sux...

* A new memo arrived : GSST teachers can't do the oral test for English. Thanks a lot! I already completed!

* Still waiting for my Kuro. My agent has goes to England for whatever trip. He will return on Wednesday and I am still waiting for a call from the bank. How long will this going to take actually? I am getting bored.

* ...


syuhada said...

how is it feel to be a person with more authority? hehehe :p

when will u get your kuro then? why the bank take so long time? everyone on trip at the same time or what....

prinzcy said...

it feel really good =D, he he

i don't know why it took this long. i am still waiting for the bank to call and there's no news about anything. annoying isn't it?

first i'm annoyed that i can't get cimb loan. now i'm annoyed that i can't figure whether my loan is approved or not.