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Sunday, April 20

What do you secretly longing for? (Girls only)

What do you secretly long for? (Girls only - pictures)

Being kidnapped is what you secretly long for.The idea of bondage appeals to you. The whole senario makes your heart leap with excitement. Maybe you never knew it or were afraid to admit it. But did you ever notice how you were so entranced while watching a movie where somebody was kidnapped, felt the adrenalin of running from a villian and facing death if being capture. Such a thought appeals to you.
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*I hit the wrong button?*


syuhada said...

i dont understand your entry this time :(

do you mean, you secretly dreamed to be kidnapped? fuyoo.. i know your imagination can run wild, but this is so outstanding.. hehe

prinzcy said...

that's not me, that's what the quiz point out. i never know i love to be kidnap, this is the first thing i read such a thing. why you try as well and post the result here.