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Friday, April 4

Virgle Project

Althought this is pretty late to ask, how many of you have heard about the collaboration between Google and Virgin? (It's called Virgle) According to this, Earth facing an issue of overcrowded, destruction, natural disaster and more and now it's time for plan B. It's a project of searching for Virgle Pioneers that's will participate on Project Virgle : the first permanent human colony on Mars.

Sound's interesting?'s true on publishing and were announced as another hoax by Google afer the test(in conjunction to April Fool's Day) Google is pretty creative in almost everything and this is no exception. It just this year they went overboard a bit (mission to outer space???)

The first Google hoax that I read was about the Pigeon Rank and I was suprised to find more. I can't wait on next year April fool! Must be interesting!