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Tuesday, April 29


* I've paid RM500 to book my Kuro (regardless that I already settle for pearl jade, I am still going to call it Kuro - at least that what it will be until I change my mind) I thought I could apply for CIMB loan but something about the officers taking a break make me have to settle for Maybank instead. There's a lot of differences between those two especially the interest (between 3.88% and 3.9%). Plus, I don't really likes Maybank (hidden this and that...) Since I am chasing the RM2000 off bonus, I have to satisfy with just that.

* I don't think they'll tell me to guard the kids. I think I'll try to avoid them the all day tomorrow. I might seek refugee in the library. If that work, I can avoid the task. It's not like I don't want to but my last partner take a break and if I am pick, I might have to take care of them all by myself. There's more than 30 kids, I might have a heart attack or nerve break down!

* My mom seems to love Indonesian dramas these days.

* I have to attend a skill course this Saturday. Each teachers need to attend at least 7 days of course per year (or is it 7 hours, I am not so sure) They already compiled the plan for the whole year. It might be boring, I should borrow pz's mp3!


pizet77 said...

well how unfortunate coz i left my mp3 at espi..hehe
gudluck in your career...hehe
bestnya bercuti

syuhada said...

syida.. i get my Cherry Viva this morning =D.......
me also mbb loan, because my salary is thru that bank. dont forget to ask for free gift or what-so-ever necessary from the salesman, like petrol voucher, tinted voucher, etc etc.. something like that la.. forgot to ask u, what kind of viva? full spec or std? auto or manual?

there are lots of indonesian dramas at tv now, no wonder your mom got hooked with it. i'm not sure if my mother is fond to indon dramas or not nowadays :p

and u will become guidance again, taking care all those curious cats... hehe.. good luck...

prinzcy said...

so you settle for red viva. nah, i could only go for auto type. i can't drive manual remember?

i did asked for free gifts but all i can confirm so far is the tinted voucher but i think i'll take back the money and use other method to tint it.

i don't guard the kids, they didn't find me!

pizet77 said...

what happen to your kuro then??? i can't wait to drive a new car..hehe

prinzcy said...

I think I'll call the agent today.