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Saturday, April 26


* I went to Perodua to get my first car. Like I already imagine, there's no Kelisa. So, I have to settle with a Viva instead. The down payment is around RM2500 and after all the cut and discount, I only need to pay RM2250 for a start. Still, that's nearly all my first salary. Teachers get small payment, especially the one with only Diploma :p

I planned to get a black one but everyone insisted me to get a Pearl Jade...

* I need to complete my students oral test. It's not easy for that. They're annoying in class but when it come to the test, they haven't said a word. Plus, they even can't answer simple questions like What is your name and age? I think they need more confident*sigh*


* I bought a Japanese table at Giant to help me do my works and studies. It cost around RM40 and pretty big.

I think it's worth the money (though I keep thinking it's pretty expensive at first)


pizet77 said...

does it look like poyo for showing that table..hehe

prinzcy said...

i tend to do that on purpose :p

poyo or not, i meant to tayang to you :p (another tounge :p)

looks like you managed to include your pic.

syuhada said...

it is poyo showing off that meja jepun...

i do have one but smaller and has 'ABC' on the surface.... :p

hey, congrats for the car... when it will be delivered to u? since u didnt take black one, u cant call it kuro anymore, rite?

prinzcy said...

like i care :p !!!

btw, i guess i pick another name for my car. since i may go for pearl jade, i guess yuki might be nice (though it's not as white as the snow)

but whatever that is, i guess i may have to wait for my loan first.

syuhada said...

yuki.... so girlish.. :p

pizet77 said...

suddenly the teacher has to be a girl...nice

prinzcy said...

i am a girl (for all my life)

besides, yuki meant snow. it's a name for both male and female. apart from yuki, i can go for cotton candy.