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Thursday, April 24


* Today I received my first salary as a teacher ^o^ I guess I'll pay a visit to Perodua pretty soon. But what can I get for such amount of money? We need at least RM5000 for deposit right? I haven't reach that amount yet. Hmm...

* I was thinking of buying a Kelisa but it seems like the production has been stop. I am not really interested with other type. Pz already own a Myvi and my mom strictly told me not to buy a Kancil (I don't think I can afford a Myvi anyway :p)

* There will be another camp like the one before for Form 5 students. I think the teachers still want me to guard the night shift. Oh yeah, I can guard alright, really~~~

* ~~~~~


syuhada said...

congratulations... finally! after all these months... haha

fyi, i just have booked a viva :). the perodua salesman told me P2 has viva promotion now until end of this month (if u are interested in viva). they'll give u discount about rm2000, so u'll just need to pay only around rm2000++ the most. why dont u just drop by and check it out. if P2 over there same as here, it should has the same promotion, right..

'Oh yeah, I can guard alright, really~~~' o yeah... u'll sleep as much as them, the kids... hehe

prinzcy said...

i want kelisa~~~~

i don't think it will be available though...

yes, i can guard them, in my sleep :p

syuhada said...

just go to the showroom la..... then ask them if there's still kelisa available..

but i still dont think kelisa is worth as the production will stop later..